Natural fibers of leather break down over time -- wear and tear is inevitable.  Able Restoration's goal is to help you maintain the priceless look your leather valuables offer.  We strive for invisible repairs, and our color matching is exceptional.  Our experienced and highly skilled and professional technicians will do the right job for you, and will come to your place to make the necessary repairs.  Just leave it to us -- your satisfaction is guaranteed!



Repairing Leather

Able can fix most any defects or problems with your leather:

 - cuts
 - tears and rips
 - scratches and scrapes
 - ground in stains
 - burns
 - ink and other color stains
 - stitching defects
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Changing the Color of Leather

Changing the color of your leather piece is not as easy as restoring your piece to its natural color, but it is possible.  Be in mind that the color will only coat the top layer of the leather, so scratches and wear over time will start to reveal the original color.  Only a slight change in color is recommended, like light brown to dark brown.

Vintage Auto Interior

Able wants you to be able to maximize the value of your vintage car; therefore, it is our goal to preserve the auto's original leather, if possible, with our restoration procedures. We can also replace the leather or repair flawed spots, matching the color and texture with skill, so the repair is invisible.



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